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How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally For Black Women: 3 Special Tips and Tricks

It is a common misconception among a lot of people that black women cannot grow thick and lush hair. This is probably because their hair strands are characteristically thinner than most other people. Also, black women are known for subjecting their hair to a lot of damaging treatments so if you think about it that way, there’s no chance that their tresses will stand the test of time.

However, our hair is pretty much the same as theirs, in more ways than one. If you’re still not convinced, then here are some of the ways on how to grow hair faster naturally for black women.

Tip 1

Avoid products that damage the hair. If you really want to achieve the means on how to grow hair faster naturally for black women, stay away from styling equipment like straightening/curling irons, blow dryers, or anything that can potentially fry your hair strands. Also, avoid undergoing treatments that necessitate the use of harmful chemicals such as hair dyeing and/or perm because this can strip the hair of its natural oils.

If you really must, then make sure that your treatments are spaced far apart from each other; give enough time for your hair to recuperate. To hasten the recovery process, use deep-conditioning treatments and/or hair masks to rehydrate the hair.

Tip 2

Handle your hair carefully while it is still wet. Our locks is at its most fragile when it is still wet, so take extra care of it when you are handling it in that state. Refrain from tying your hair in a tight pony or rubbing it vigorously with a towel when it is wet. To remove the tangles, use a wide-toothed comb. Never ever use a plastic hairbrush with wet hair as it can easily break and damage the tips. And, if you can manage it, dry your hair first before doing anything with it.

Tip 3

Resist the temptation to relax your hair. Some black girls have naturally curly or wavy locks. Thus, when they try to grow their hair out, they don’t see that much of a difference. If you’re suffering from the same dilemma, just keep this one tip in mind: do not get a straightening or relaxing treatment.

As was mentioned before, these kinds of treatment tend to damage the hair and so, giving in to this totally defeats your purpose. If you are determined to carry out ways on how to grow hair faster naturally for black women, just be patient, and wait for your hair to grow. In time, you will definitely achieve the desired results.

Although these tips are quite simple, they are already proven effective by millions around. Basically, you just have to avoid harmful elements that can potentially hinder the growth of your precious locks. These tips only go to show that you do not need to spend lots of cash just to achieve the look that you always wanted. With just enough time and effort, you’ll transform from a homely lady to a certified head-turner.






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Best Non Surgical Cellulite Treatment

What is the best non surgical cellulite treatment? First off let me start by saying, no one is cellulite free. We all have a certain amount of cellulite underneath our skin. Of course some do have more then others, but it’s a natural thing for us to have some.

In a nut shell cellulite is simple fat deposits held in pockets just below the skin. The form of lipids (fats) below the skin aren’t much different then those found elsewhere in the body, how ever it’s because they are close to the skins surface that they cause the negative appearance.

So what can you do about cellulite?

Exercise is a viable option for many and can be seen as one of the best non surgical cellulite treatments. Partaking in cardio activities several times a week will help burn fat, and tone the leg muscles. While this method will work for many, often sometimes some women need more then just exercise to help rid themselves of cellulite.

Next on the list is the numerous medical procedures we can have done which are not recommended. From liposuction too vacuum and roller techniques some of these processes can be effective, how ever painful, costly, and have some nasty side effects. For some people this is the only avenue they evaluate for treating cellulite, but they’re skipping over what really should be the first attack on cellulite.

Best Non Surgical Cellulite Treatment Products That Work

With our aging population, cellulite treatment has been receiving more and more attention from cosmetic and supplement manufacturers. Our population is becoming more affluent, and therefore looking for more alternatives then just surgery and exercise to solve cosmetic issues such as cellulite. Hence there has been a dawn of a range of cellulite treatment products.

While like anything new some of these cellulite treatment products work better then others. It’s important to do your homework prior to trying one out to find the best non surgical cellulite treatment. While there is minimal if any side effects it’s still important to not waste your time on something that isn’t going to provide you with results.

The majority of these cellulite treatment products a comprised of natural ingredients. Most work on a basis of shrinking the cellulite molecules, or using some sort of ingredient to speed up the burning of fat. Both of these methods work well, and take next to no time on your part to apply the product.

For those of us that don’t have the spare time in our hectic schedules to exercise several times a week, or drastically change our lifestyles, finding the best non surgical cellulite treatment is the best option for ridding ourselves of that pesky cellulite problem.


How To Control Blackheads

How to control blackheads is an often asked question. Acne is the most common condition that doctors treat on a daily basis. It can effect anyone from teenagers to people in their older years, and can be caused by many factors. There are also many specific types of acne.

One very common type is the blackhead. Blackheads are considered “open comedones”, and whiteheads are “closed comedones”. These usually show up primarily on the nose, chin or forehead but can also be on other parts of the face. Either can cause your skin to be undesirably rough and bumpy.

Blackheads are one of the few types of acne that may be caused by skin hygiene and will never go away on their own. Cleaning your face regularly will prevent most blackheads altogether, this is step one in how to control blackheads. They are caused by follicles that have a wider opening than normal.

These openings fill with oil and dead cells that have undergone a chemical reaction that caused the oxidation of melanin, which causes the black coloration. To prevent them from forming, it is necessary to consistently wash your face twice a day with a mild soap or face scrub to get rid of the excess oil and dead cells.

The most commonly used treatment is called tretonoin, and can be found in medicines called Retin-A, and Avita. It is derived from Vitamin A and works by increasing the cell turnover and un-sticking the sloughed cells. This is how to control blackheads by causing the plugged material to be removed so that the skin can heal.

The downside to this medicine is that it can be irritating to most people’s skin. Another method of extrusion of a blackhead is done by a doctor. They have a tool called a “comedone extractor” that clears them one at a time so that it can heal.

How To Control Blackheads With Home Remedies

Home remedies have also been experimented with to get rid of blackheads. These are not proven, as they are not tested by any professional doctor. However, if any of them work on your skin, then you have found a cheap and easy way to clear up your skin on your own.

  • How to control blackheads with honey. Try warming honey and applying it to the spots that you have. Wash it off with warm water after 15 minutes.
  • Use an oatmeal mask. Mix oatmeal and rose water into a soft, spreadable paste, and then gently massage onto your skin. Leave it until it is completely dried for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.
  • Dilute lemon juice and apply at least 3 times a day to the affected area. Repeat everyday until they completely disappear.

Squeezing blackheads, just as with any acne, is not recommended because it can make the problem worse. However, if you choose to use a blackhead remover at home, you should open your pores first. This can be done by taking a hot shower and letting the steam open your pores. You could also pat your face with a hot towel or hang your head over a pot of boiled water. Be cautious because there is a chance that doing this wrong will result in a bad steam burn.

Hope this helps answer your questions on how to control blackheads. Let me hear your tips in the comments.


Good Lipstick Colors – How To Choose Best Lipstick Shade For You

Are you always frustrated when shopping for cosmetics and trying to find good lipstick colors? Do you always seem to buy lip colors that are too light or too dark for your complexion? Well follow my top seven tips on how to choose best lipstick shade for you and never be frustrated again!

Tip #1: Keep It Neutral. Good lipstick colors for any woman, whether it be in the form of lip gloss, lipstick, or something in between, is the one that is a half of a shade to a whole shade brighter than her own natural lip color. Depending upon your ethnicity and depth of complexion, this shade can range from rich eggplant to peachy brown to rosy pink.

*Tip: Neutral good lipstick colors should not be the same color as your concealer!

Tip #2: Use Your Lower Lip. When you re trying to determine how to choose best lipstick shade for you, trying on any type of lip color, use your lower lip as a guide. The lower lip is fuller than the upper lip and is what will be seen first when people approach you. So if the color looks good on your lower lip, it is a keeper!

Tip #3: Try 3 Good Lipstick Colors, Then Rest. After trying on two to three shades of various lip colors, take a break! Your lips are stained and slightly bruised from the various lip colors and tissue wiping to remove those colors. Try again after at least an hour break so your lips have a chance to return to their natural color.

Tip #4: Natural Light is Best. When trying new shades of lip color, or any makeup, try it on in light equivalent to daylight for the best results, this is an important tip on how to choose best lipstick shade for you. Fluorescent light does not portray the actual color of your lips and therefore will cause you to purchase a lip color that is not quite a good match.

Tip #5: Different Neutral for Different Seasons. Due to the fact that people are different shades of their natural complexions throughout the seasons, you will need to get at least two neutral good lipstick colors. Your
neutral lip color in winter will definitely differ from your neutral lip color in summer.

Tip #6: Flatter Your Makeup. A good tip to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect neutral lip color is that the one that looks the best will draw attention to your lips the way eye shadow draws attention to the eyes. Remember subtle coloring is many times more flattering than bold colors.

Tip #7: Try Something New. To keep up with the changing good lipstick colors trends of the season, apply a thin coat of a seasonal color you have chosen over the neutral that you usually wear. This layering technique allows any color you choose to be adjusted to work on your coloring.

I hope you are now able to go to the makeup counter with a little less anxiety and have some idea on how to choose best lipstick shade for you. These seven tips will help you find and update your best lip colors, from neutrals to seasonal favorites, in no time. As with any makeup application or technique, it will take a bit of patience to find good lipstick colors.

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Best Way To Do Smokey Eyes

What is the best way to do smokey eyes? Many stars on the red carpet or other parties opted for the classic sexy, sophisticated Smokey eye.

Like many of you, I love the look of a Smokey eye, but I was intimidated with wearing one because I thought it would be really hard to apply the proper colors for my skin tone and I was afraid my “Smokey” peepers to look like I was knocked out by Rocky Balboa.

However, after much research and a few trial and runs, the sexy, sultry Smokey Eye is not that hard to create.

With these 7 keys to the best way to do smokey eyes, you will learn how to bring out your eyes without going too overboard.

First, here are a few things I would suggest:

  • Use eye colors that look best with your skin’s natural undertone.
  • The best way to do smokey eyes is one that radiates warmth.
  • If your skin is cool, the veins in your forearms arms look bluer, you should be rocking cool colors like grays to blacks.
  • If the veins in your forearms look greener, you’re a warm tone and you want to rock browns to darker browns.

Now on with the best way to do smokey eyes

1. Prepare your eyes:

The best way to do smokey eyes is to first create a nice base to begin building your eye color. I always suggest using an eye primer because it extends wear of eye color and helps prevent the eye color from creasing and smudging. I love using the Mary Kay eye primer because I use it every day and it lasts me for 6 to 8 months.

2. Lining your eyes:

Line both the top and bottom rims with an eye pencil. Use a Heavy line the top of the eye and do a small line underneath paying close attention to going into the lash line itself.

3. Adding shadow:

With an angled eye shadow brush, soften and smudge the edges of the pencil line. The best way to do smokey eyes is by pairing a lighter base with the darker hue; I prefer a cream color for my base, as I am a cool tone. Depending on your skin tone, warm or cool, these colors will vary.

Sweep a light, and/or shimmery shadow over the lids to your brow bone. Now, using the darker eye shadow shade, blend in color starting at your lash line, blending up, stopping the deep color at the crease. Make sure to blend color into the lash line so the eye liner disappears. The most important key here is to blend, blend, and blend.

4. Mascara:

Add a couple coats of mascara for more of an impact. The best way to do smokey eyes is to apply a few coats of mascara so lashes are thick and dark.

5. Clean up:

Brush away any shadow that has fallen below the eye. Make sure to clean up any areas that have smeared.

6. Bronzer:

Use a shimmery bronzer to help add warmth to your face. Apply the color on the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose. You can also use your bronzer around your neck and décolleté area.

7. Lips:

Finish off with nude lips. When applying strong vibrant makeup, like Smokey eyes, you want to place the focus on either your eyes or lips, never both.

These 7 simple steps is the best way to do smokey eyes, and you will be red carpet ready like the gorgeous celebrities at the academy awards, without having to pay for an expensive makeup artist.

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How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup

If you want to know how to do perfect eye makeup you need to think and then apply because eyes talk louder than words. The type of make-up that you apply on your eyes can talk loud about the type of person you really are.

It doesn’t really matter if you have brown, hazel, blue, or green eyes but what really matters is how to do perfect eye makeup to make your beautiful eyes look drop dead attractive. Eyes are referred to as the windows to the soul, and can kill with just one glance.

Eyes can also smile like stars or fill up with tears but above all, they can express every emotion known to mankind; all you have to do is understand those emotions. Eyes can be cold and at the same time warm, eyes can reflect the brilliance of the moon or the radiance of the sun, eyes can heal, reveal and kill, eyes can be bewitching and yet mysterious, they can talk of an innocent joy or a tragic loss.

Eyes have a special power that can cast a seductive spell or just be caring and soft; eyes can simply be who we really are! Whether your eyes can put a magic spell using make-up is something that needs to be seen. Here are some tips that will help you to find the answer for how to do perfect eye makeup and create a stunning look that can kill.

How To Do Perfect Eye Makeup

The natural pink look

There are many young girls in their teens and women in their early twenties who would love to flaunt the power of pink. The question is how to do perfect eye makeup with the natural pink look? You can use a soft ocher paint pot on the lid combined with hush eye shadow on your inner lid, pink eye shadow at the middle of the lid.

Motif eye shadow just around the inner crease, hush eye shadow again but this time just above the crease, cranberry eye shadow on the outer lid, nylon eye shadow on the lower lash line, Vex eye shadow on the brow, and Feline kohl on the lower lash line and what you will get is the naughty and natural pink look.

Eye Shadows

There are hundreds of color hues that you can use and depending on your choice of hues you can experiment a little with colors and creativity. There is a wide selection of various eye make-up products available online like the mineral make-up eye shadow.

The good thing about the mineral make-up eye shadow is that it can be applied wet-lined or dry to create a defined look. Many women who figured out how to do perfect eye makeup use the popular versions is the bareFaced mineral shadow/liners, which consist of highly pigmented mineral make-up powders. It consists of ingredients like Titanium Dioxide, Serecite, Mica, ferric ferrocyanide and Iron Oxide. These shadows can be used on the eyelid for that stunning effect.

There was a time when to get the perfect eye shadow, you had to mix and match dozens of eye shadow powder shades to find the perfect effect but things have changed now. There is a beautiful and wide array of eye shadow powders available today like the cream shades, Evangeline lily, and glittery dustings.

These eye shadow powders have a distinct advantage: they are easy to use and you can do it anywhere and anytime. This is one of the answer to “how to do perfect eye makeup“. All you need is a applicator brush and some foam pads. To give your eyes a dimensional look, you can blend two different or contrasting colors with a cream shadow base.

If you are using a cream shadow then you will find that it is better to use as less as possible to give your eyes a max impact. Most cream shadows are available in squeeze tubes and you can apply them on the lid as well as close to the brows.



Eyes without mascara can be quite dull and boring at times while too much will take away the life from the eyes so you will need to use it with care. There are several factors that you need to consider while getting ideas for how to do perfect eye makeup while shopping for mascara.

Always look for the benefits. There are different types of mascara available like tick mascara, black or dark ones, waterproof mascara and then there are curling ones. Use a type of mascara that will go with the dress you wear and not give you one of those sadistic prison mate look or a heavy metal band fan look. You need to be really good at carrying your mascara. You can use up to two coats of mascara, which will be able to define your lashes very well.

The last step in the quest for how to do perfect eye makeup is to use an eye liner to heighten your fashion statement but whatever eye make up you use ensure that it looks good on you.