Good Lipstick Colors – How To Choose Best Lipstick Shade For You

Are you always frustrated when shopping for cosmetics and trying to find good lipstick colors? Do you always seem to buy lip colors that are too light or too dark for your complexion? Well follow my top seven tips on how to choose best lipstick shade for you and never be frustrated again!

Tip #1: Keep It Neutral. Good lipstick colors for any woman, whether it be in the form of lip gloss, lipstick, or something in between, is the one that is a half of a shade to a whole shade brighter than her own natural lip color. Depending upon your ethnicity and depth of complexion, this shade can range from rich eggplant to peachy brown to rosy pink.

*Tip: Neutral good lipstick colors should not be the same color as your concealer!

Tip #2: Use Your Lower Lip. When you re trying to determine how to choose best lipstick shade for you, trying on any type of lip color, use your lower lip as a guide. The lower lip is fuller than the upper lip and is what will be seen first when people approach you. So if the color looks good on your lower lip, it is a keeper!

Tip #3: Try 3 Good Lipstick Colors, Then Rest. After trying on two to three shades of various lip colors, take a break! Your lips are stained and slightly bruised from the various lip colors and tissue wiping to remove those colors. Try again after at least an hour break so your lips have a chance to return to their natural color.

Tip #4: Natural Light is Best. When trying new shades of lip color, or any makeup, try it on in light equivalent to daylight for the best results, this is an important tip on how to choose best lipstick shade for you. Fluorescent light does not portray the actual color of your lips and therefore will cause you to purchase a lip color that is not quite a good match.

Tip #5: Different Neutral for Different Seasons. Due to the fact that people are different shades of their natural complexions throughout the seasons, you will need to get at least two neutral good lipstick colors. Your
neutral lip color in winter will definitely differ from your neutral lip color in summer.

Tip #6: Flatter Your Makeup. A good tip to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect neutral lip color is that the one that looks the best will draw attention to your lips the way eye shadow draws attention to the eyes. Remember subtle coloring is many times more flattering than bold colors.

Tip #7: Try Something New. To keep up with the changing good lipstick colors trends of the season, apply a thin coat of a seasonal color you have chosen over the neutral that you usually wear. This layering technique allows any color you choose to be adjusted to work on your coloring.

I hope you are now able to go to the makeup counter with a little less anxiety and have some idea on how to choose best lipstick shade for you. These seven tips will help you find and update your best lip colors, from neutrals to seasonal favorites, in no time. As with any makeup application or technique, it will take a bit of patience to find good lipstick colors.

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