How To Accessorize Your Black Dress For Every Occasion

Black dresses are suitable for almost every occasion. Be it an evening party or an office meeting, there will be some ideal black dress for the occasion. Well, it is a popular color and almost everyone has a black dress in his or her wardrobe. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, it is really important you accessorize yourself properly.

The right accessories can give you a unique and attractive look. What’s more, you can greatly tone up or down your appearance simply with the help of right accessories.


Jewelry is always an eye-catching accessory and is a must for a black dress. This dress is definitely the perfect backdrop to show your favorite jewelry. Jewelry are the most important accessories that ladies have and you should always make the most of them.

They become even more magnificent when set against the black dresses. So, brighten yourself up with your jewelries like necklace, brooches, earrings etc. For the evening wear jewelries that have some spark in them. Diamonds can be really good at these occasions.

Well, if you don’t have diamond jewelries, wear pearl. They really produce a brilliant contrast and add to the elegance of the entire dress up as well. It is also a good idea to put on hair accessories like hair bow, hair piece, ribbons, as well as caps and other head wear.


Scarves are very important accessories when it comes to dresses of any kind and especially when they are black. Ideally, the pattern of the scarf should match the dress. Also, use a silk scarf or something made of quality material. This can really add to the elegance of your dress even if you are wearing a simple black outfit.

There are certain black outfits that complement the addition of belts. If you are wearing such a dress, don’t miss the opportunity. Ideally, you should be wearing a belt that makes a bold statement. So, choose a belt with interesting color and pattern.

Make sure, though, that you are checking out the complete look in the mirror to ensure the belt is going well with the dress. Another great accessory for the black dress is gloves. For daytime, wear white gloves, while for night it should be black.


Bags are also on the list of accessories for the dress. If you are going to a fashion party, a clutch decorated with beads is a good choice. If you go to the daily gathering, a white or red handbag can work well your dress. After all, the bags also should suit your shoes.

There is no doubt that sports bags are the disasters for the dress. Anyway, you should attach much importance to the harmony of the outfit. You are strongly recommended to look yourself in the mirror before going out and make sure everything is okay on your body.

Selecting the right bag is always important when you are wearing black dresses. Make sure your bag highlights on the backdrop of the black outfit. It may not match the color of the outfit and other accessory, but it should blend well with them. The handbag should be clean, and in good condition.


Our little black dresses are often fitted and relatively short. The pantyhose can not only offer the sexy and attractive illusion of your legs but also provide warmth in cold days. As a matter of fact, some other tights also work well with a black little dress as long as it’s right for your age and skin tone. One word more, gray pantyhose works well with a black little dress.


Generally speaking, a pair of high-quality high heels is suitable for the dress in evening parties. Especially when your dress is short, your shoes win the most attention from people. Of course, plain black flats or sandals also match with the dress.


The dress is black from top and bottom, which may cover your curve or appears little dull. Adding a belt to your dress can immediately activate your dress. It’s a good way to show your personality and temperament. Actually, you can also add a long scarf instead of a belt. This is quite novel and must be attractive as long as you choose the right one.

Makeup And Hair Accessories

Someone’s skin may not serve as a foil to the dress, shoes or something others. You need make sure that your eye shadow, lipstick, and blusher are harmonious with your outfit and highlight the shining point of your face and add life to your whole look. Bejeweled hair piece or a simple ribbon can be the ice cream of the cake. A well-placed hat is suitable for some extremely formal events or in warm days.

We have talked many accessories to dress up a little black dress. Of course, there are many other accessories like a pashmina can work well with some dresses. Here I have mentioned just the common ones. You also should keep it in mind that don’t wear them all at once which maybe ridiculous. Choose ones which yield beauty of your dress and your overall looking.

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