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How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally For Black Women: 3 Special Tips and Tricks

It is a common misconception among a lot of people that black women cannot grow thick and lush hair. This is probably because their hair strands are characteristically thinner than most other people. Also, black women are known for subjecting their hair to a lot of damaging treatments so if you think about it that way, there’s no chance that their tresses will stand the test of time.

However, our hair is pretty much the same as theirs, in more ways than one. If you’re still not convinced, then here are some of the ways on how to grow hair faster naturally for black women.

Tip 1

Avoid products that damage the hair. If you really want to achieve the means on how to grow hair faster naturally for black women, stay away from styling equipment like straightening/curling irons, blow dryers, or anything that can potentially fry your hair strands. Also, avoid undergoing treatments that necessitate the use of harmful chemicals such as hair dyeing and/or perm because this can strip the hair of its natural oils.

If you really must, then make sure that your treatments are spaced far apart from each other; give enough time for your hair to recuperate. To hasten the recovery process, use deep-conditioning treatments and/or hair masks to rehydrate the hair.

Tip 2

Handle your hair carefully while it is still wet. Our locks is at its most fragile when it is still wet, so take extra care of it when you are handling it in that state. Refrain from tying your hair in a tight pony or rubbing it vigorously with a towel when it is wet. To remove the tangles, use a wide-toothed comb. Never ever use a plastic hairbrush with wet hair as it can easily break and damage the tips. And, if you can manage it, dry your hair first before doing anything with it.

Tip 3

Resist the temptation to relax your hair. Some black girls have naturally curly or wavy locks. Thus, when they try to grow their hair out, they don’t see that much of a difference. If you’re suffering from the same dilemma, just keep this one tip in mind: do not get a straightening or relaxing treatment.

As was mentioned before, these kinds of treatment tend to damage the hair and so, giving in to this totally defeats your purpose. If you are determined to carry out ways on how to grow hair faster naturally for black women, just be patient, and wait for your hair to grow. In time, you will definitely achieve the desired results.

Although these tips are quite simple, they are already proven effective by millions around. Basically, you just have to avoid harmful elements that can potentially hinder the growth of your precious locks. These tips only go to show that you do not need to spend lots of cash just to achieve the look that you always wanted. With just enough time and effort, you’ll transform from a homely lady to a certified head-turner.






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